Sun Rooms

A Beautiful, Year Round Addition


Imagine a room that allows you to experience the beauty of the great outdoors, a panoramic view, and amazing lighting. This room would be a sunroom. Deck City can build a custom sun room to add a great look and feel to any home. A sunroom can be used for entertainment purposes, as an office, a living room, or essentially as any room you would like for your home.


We offer a number of different sun room styles and materials for you to choose from including:

  • Straight roofed
  • Curved roof
  • Cathedral-styled
  • Conservatory-styled
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Shed roofed


For imaginative sun room design, let us be your first choice. You can have a creative addition to your home that you will be able to enjoy during all four seasons of the year, and there are three-season designs as well. Let us develop a plan for adding living space and room for entertaining. You will also add value to your home. Together we will visualize a solarium, skylights, greenhouse space and more. As with all of our outdoor living space creations, you will experience first class service:

  • Clear and detailed plans and drawings that incorporate your ideas and needs
  • Changes are welcome as you study the sunroom design plans
  • The same construction crew working on your project from beginning to end
  • A final inspection to ensure every detail is to your satisfaction


Most sun rooms are attached to your home. We pay close attention to construction so that the expansion of your roof-line is perfectly matched, and the extension of the original siding of your home is seamless. Your new room will be an architectural match or complement, depending on the design you select. We take great care to make certain that your sunroom design will look as if it has always been part of your home. From other builders, these additions appear to be an afterthought.

We can incorporate an existing door to the interior, or create one. You may choose an archway or open passageway (if you have a four-season room). French doors and sliding doors are a perfect complement. Many homeowners want a door for access from the outside, too. We can plan window treatments such as mechanical screens and casement windows; the windows can be full-wall or half-wall. Sunroom design for year round enjoyment will have heating and cooling, and ceiling fans are very popular.

One facet of our service that many of our clients say is exceptional is the engineering eye we bring to every project. When the plan is sound, the many different trades involved in your project will be able to execute it perfectly, without delays or the need to double-back to solve problems. From the excavation and placement of concrete, through finish carpentry, and ending with flooring and paint, you will experience efficient, master builders at work.


Some quick points about sun rooms:

  •  We can utilize an existing concrete patio or introduce a new one.
  • A sunroom can be part of a deck, either existing decking or as part of a custom design we create for you.
  • Many customers also request our landscape layout expertise as part of their sunroom design project
  • Solar screens are an innovation that will keep your addition comfortable in both sunlight and hot weather.
  • There are retractable, built-in screens that roll up and down like a window shade.
  • Windows and skylights can open to allow the breeze in


We will help you decide on the perfect location. Not only will your sunroom design take into account your lawn, garden, and the room you want it to be in, but also the direction it will face. If it faces the south, it will be in sunlight most of the day. Facing east divides the sun and shade of a day. The late day sun comes in from the West. Northern exposure means the most shade.